Cooking Tips

Fresh Pasta Facts

♦ Always refrigerate fresh pasta. Preservatives are NOT used to prolong shelf life.
♦ The moist nature of fresh pasta may create condensation in a sealed plastic bag. Avoid this by leaving the bag slightly open.
♦ Fresh pasta may be frozen, however ensure to separate filled pasta (ravioli, agnolotti, etc.) and freeze pieces individually, then re-bag and keep frozen.
♦ Frozen fresh pasta should NOT be thawed prior to cooking. Simply place frozen pasta into boiling water.
♦ Always use a large pot with plenty of water when cooking fresh pasta. Water will be absorbed and also evaporates.
♦ Wait until the water is at a roiling boil before before adding the pasta.
♦ Salt may be added to the water to bring out the flavour of the pasta. A dash of oil may be added to help prevent fresh pasta from
sticking together. Stir to keep the pasta from sticking.
♦ Once the pasta is placed in the boiling water. Place the lid back on the pot to help bring the water back to a boil. This is essential,
because if you do not, the past will be sitting in hot water, resulting in mushy pasta.
♦ Once the water is boiling again, remove the lid for the remaining cook time - this is always dependent on a wide variety of factors (size, type, thickness of pasta, fresh/frozen, personal preference, etc.). Determining whether your pasta is ready is an ongoing taste-testing process. Once ready, drain the pasta into a colander. 
♦ Toss the pasta in a warmed pan with your prepared sauce, to marry the flavours together.


Fresh Pasta

 *Please keep in mind cooking time is dependent on a variety of factors, thus subject to variability


thin pasta

*Thin* Stuffed Fresh Pasta

Recommended cooking time: 4-5 minutes


Stuffed Fresh Pasta

Recommended cooking time: 8-12 minutes
*Agnolotti: 7-12 minutes
*Jumbo Ravioli: 12-14 minutes
*Tortellini: 12-14 minutes

stuffed pasta regular


long hair pasta

*Long* Fresh Pasta

Recommended cooking time: 5-6 minutes
*Angel Hair/Spaghettini/Cardelini/Thin Fettuccine: 3
-4 minutes


*Short* Fresh Pasta

Recommended cooking time: 8-10 minutes

short pasta


hand rolled pasta

Hand-Rolled Fresh Pasta

Recommended cooking time: Bake in oven for 45-50 minutes
*Place sauce on the bottom of a casserole dish
*Place pasta on top of sauce
*Cover pasta with sauce (to keep pasta moist while cooking)
*Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top (optional)
*Cover casserole dish with aluminum foil
*Bake at 375 degrees (F) for 45-50 minutes
*To brown the cheese, remove aluminium foil for an additional 10-15 minutes

 Ready-Made Home Meals


Half Pan - cooking instrucitons

Half Pan & Full Pan

Recommended cooking time: Bake in oven for 45-50 minutes

*Place oven rack on centre tier
*Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees (F)
*Heat product to approximately 45-50 minutes with cover on
*Remove cover and heat for an additional 10-15 minutes
*Remove product from oven, and let it sit for approximately 5 minutes prior to serving


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