Pastificio: [pasta + –ificio]  n.masc. pasta factory; manufacturer of pasta.

Pastaio: [pasta + –aio]  n.masc.  pasta maker; pasta seller; worker at a pasta factory.

Parma –a city in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy and Ravioli –a traditional stuffed pasta shape, are two important words that describe this little Italian shop that pasta built

Our Story

Parma Ravioli first opened its doors in 1984 establishing itself as Ottawa's first fresh pasta shop.  At one time, during its three decades of history, the factory was located on the corner of Clarence St. and Dalhousie; it was there, in the heart of the Byward Market, where Parma Ravioli became known for its manufacturing of fresh pasta. In 1994, the current owners, Giuliano Zucconi, Carlo Zucconi and Richard Righi, bought the business.

The factory was then moved to its current location in Wellington West (corner of Clarendon and Wellington St.) in 1996. It was at this point that Parma began expanding its store from retail and wholesale to also include catering and an x-press hot food counter.

At present, Parma Ravioli is the largest pasta manufacturing company in Eastern Ontario. They continue to introduce new pasta types, sauces, and prepared oven-ready meals to their customers.